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8 or 4 channel ultrasonic flaw detector
for systems applications

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Ultrasonic Inspection

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High performance
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8 or 4 channel
ultrasonic flaw
detector for
systems applications

Ultrasonic Inspection

The Eureka PCUF-MUX8 provides a low cost solution for OEM ultrasonic application and inline multiple channel ultrasonic inspection systems. It uses the tried and trusted Eureka PCUF which is a very high speed ultrasonic flaw detector board; please refer to its brochure for a detailed specification. As an option a four channel multiplexer may be supplied, the Mux4.

The Eureka PCUF-MUX8 can be operator programmed to give any sequence of transmitting and receiving for the selected probes. This enables any combination of pulse echo, through transmission and cross coupling functions to be configured with no hardware changes.

Has Remote Pulsers, Pre-Amplifiers and Attenuators

Provides independent setting of ALL parameters for each channel

1, 2, 4 or 8 probes

0.5 to 20MHz bandwidth

Maximum pulse repetition rate of ( 20 / Number of active channels ) KHz

10 bit A/D conversion at 200MHz for 100% pulse repetition rate

Excellent near surface resolution

Very low noise in the PC environment, better than 20% full screen height


Eureka PCUF
Please refer to the Eureka PCUF brochure and technical specification

Channels    Max 32 cards per system
Max 8 probes per card
PRF Rates   20 - 20,000 Hz
Synchronisation   Internal / External
Multiplexing   1 to 8 probes per card (with all
parameters individually controllable)
Remote Transmitter    
Voltage   100 / 200 / 300 / 400V
Pulser   Square Wave
Trigger   Internal / External
Pulse Width   20 to 1000 nsec
Pulse Delay   0 to 327.68 usec in 1.28 usec steps
(20 nsec optional)
Fall time   5 nsec
Test Mode   Pulse Echo / Through Transmission
Input Attn.   20 dB
A-Scan Display   Installable software with parameter menu
Support   drivers for Win2K and WinXP
Library   parameters stored in Dynamic Link
Libraries / ActiveX Control for
accessibility with other programmes
Help   Interactive help menu
Firing   Parallel firing multi-channel
Timed firing   Delayed firing
Sequence   Selectable firing sequence
Independent Settings   All setting are independent

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