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These Technical Papers are provided in Adobe Acrobat format, so you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or later) installed on your computer to view them. The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe web site.

To view a document simply click on the link provided. The document will be displayed in a new browser window, and may be saved or printed as required. Alternatively the files can be saved without viewing by holding down the keyboard 'Shift' key while clicking on the link.

The documents are on A4 size pages, so if you are using American Letter (8.5" by 11") size paper you will need to use the "Shrink to Fit" option when printing.

Before downloading or printing any of these files please refer to the usage and copyright information at the bottom of this page.

Product Leaflets

These product leaflets contain the information as on this website in a convenient format for printing.

GN001 Software and hardware design services to the NDT industry
MT009 MPI and Ultrasonic Inspection of
SAW Pipe Ends
IN001 'Duramag' Magnetic Shot Timer
SW001 Piston inspection software for al-fin insert diesel pistons
IN002 'Qualiron' Ductime Cast Iron Metal Quality Tester
SW002 C-scan package for X-Y scanning systems
IN003 'Quadent' Crack Depth Gauge
SW003 Chart recorder package for NDT systems
IN006 High Performance Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for Systems Applications
SW004 An introduction to Barkhausen Noise and its applications
IN007 8 or 4 channel ultrasonic flaw detector
for systems applications
UT001 Al-Fin insert diesel piston bond inspection system
MT001 Heavy duty mobile MPI power packs
UT002 Seamless gas cylinder inspection
MT002 Non-contact multi-directional magnetising disc testing
UT003 Caster roll inspection and renovation
MT003 Automatic inspection of steel billets
UT004 Steel plate testing trolley
MT004 Automatic inspection of engine crankshafts
UT005 Systems software and flaw detector upgrade
MT005 Inspection of assembled railway wheelsets
UT006 Spiral drive bar and tube testing
MT006 Universal MPI bench unit
UT007 Rotating bar and tube testing
MT007 Bench unit for large aerospace components
UT008 Scanning ultrasonic system for tube and bar inspection

Technical Papers

These technical papers provide more detailed technical information on some of the techniques and concepts discussed on this website. Links to these files are also provided on the webpages where the technique is mentioned.

T001 A brief description of NDT techniques
T008 Effectiveness of closed loop defect location and repair in caster mill rolls
T002 Faster magnetic crack detection using the multi-directional swinging field method
T009 An inline automatic billet magnetic particle inspection system
T003 Statistical process control applied to automatic ultrasonic inspection
T010 Automatic defect recognition on an automatic MPI billet inspection system
T004 DC or AC magnetising waveforms in magnetic particle inspection
T011 Ultrasonic inspection equipment for Al-Fin insert diesel pistons
T005 Applications of non-contact magnetising on ring shaped components
T012 Ultrasonic velocity measurements used to assess the quality of iron castings
T006 Automatic defect recognition in magnetic particle inspection applications
T013 An introduction to Barkhausen Noise and its applications
T007 Automatic defect recognition in MPI - Inland Steel research project
T014 Ultrasonic inspection equipment for seamless gas cylinders

These Technical Papers may be downloaded and printed for use as reference information for yourself and for use within your company only. They may not be redistributed in any other form without prior written agreement between yourself and Insight NDT.

All information presented is supplied as-is, and no liability can be accepted for any errors or omissions. All information is copyright © Insight NDT unless otherwise stated.

Please note that many of these papers have our old UK contact details. The contact details on this website are correct and those on the papers should be ignored.

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